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"To everything there is a season and a time and a purpose unto Heaven; a time to be born, a time to die,… a time to rend…and a time to sew…" ~Ecc. 3:1, 8

About the Designer

Welcome to my website and the world of quilting! Quilting has become a passion in my life, and it gives me great joy to see ideas come to life through the use of color, fabric, and thread. I enjoy sharing my passion with others and have found that most quilters have an instantaneous bond through this same love.

I have only been quilting for a few years but have been involved with fabric arts most of my life. My mother loved sewing and needlework and taught me to embroider before the age of 7. I learned to sew clothing by age 13. I made most of my clothes during high school and later sewed many darling outfits for my daughters.

My quilting career began in the summer of 2000, when my friend Debbie and I decided we had postponed learning to quilt long enough. It was time to make quilting a priority. Since Debbie had taken one quilting course, she instructed me on the basics and we each made a quilt during a one week visit. From that time on, I have been quilt-obsessed, buying mountains of gorgeous 100% cotton fabric and vast quantities of quilt books and magazines. Despite the large number of patterns I owned, I always wanted a different twist or variation in the quilt I was making and soon began designing my own patterns.

My Storybook Snuggler patterns came about as a result of a visit with my grandson and the desire to make him a quilt to snuggle in as he read his favorite story. At the insistence of my friend Debbie and my husband, I submitted my patterns to Martingale & Company and was surprised and delighted when my proposal was accepted.

Since that first pattern series, many things have happened. My book Deck the Halls was published in 2009 and many of my designs have appeared in quilting magazines, with two of my quilts featured on the covers. My second book Inspirational Appliqué: Reflections of Faith, Hope, & Love was released in October of 2011 and I am also one of the designers featured in Sew the Perfect Gift, a book from That Patchwork Place. In addition, I have had the pleasure of traveling and teaching many quilters around the country and have served on the faculty at International Quilt Festival in Houston and Long Beach.

Quilting, in a sense, has brought me full circle. When we were teenagers, my sister and I talked about becoming clothing designers. But instead of pursuing a career in the textile industry, I became an elementary teacher, where I absolutely loved "read-aloud" time. I have a BA in English Literature from Cal State Bakersfield, as well as a MA in Curriculum & Instruction. I have had a long and successful career in public education and am certificated in three states. Now, quilting has brought me to a career in textile arts.

A native of California's San Joaquin Valley, I now live in northern New Jersey where I enjoy watching the golden colors of autumn and the beauty of falling winter snow, particularly since I am not the one that has to shovel it. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and am the mother of three terrific children, now grown. I am also a grandmother of the six most amazing and beautiful grandchildren east and west of the Mississippi, although my youthful appearance belies this fact.

E-mail: cheryl@atimetosewquilts.com / Legal