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Squaring Up

At various times during quilt construction, you will want to square up your blocks. All oversized blocks should be squared up before sewing them into the quilt. Many quilters square up after completing their blocks, assembling the quilt top, adding borders and/or before adding the binding. A word of caution, however; do not become so zealous about squaring up that you trim away needed seam allowances.

1. To square up, locate the midpoint of the block.

2. Establish the midpoint of the block on a ruler. For example, for a 15 1/2" x 15 1/2" block, the midpoint of 15 1/2" is 7 3/4", so the midpoint for this block would be 7 3/4" down from the top and 7 3/4" in from the side.

3. Place the ruler correctly on the block.

4. Trim the excess fabric from the side and top.

5. Turn the two squared sides 180 degrees and trim the remaining two sides.

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